Natural Facial Rejuvenation

Looking for a way to naturally get younger looking, healthier skin? Microcurrent facial rejuvenation is the answer. Receiving your microcurrent facial from a professional esthetician or practitioner is an ideal and luxurious option, however sometimes it is hard to take time out of your busy day. Now when you don’t have time to make it to the spa, you have an another alternative.

The Matrix Facial Rejuvenation Program offers a way to effectively treat yourself to at-home spa days. No matter how busy your schedule, you can easily fit in a brief treatment to rejuvenate your face and improve your overall sense of well being.

Microcurrent: eZZi-Lift Facial Device

The Avazzia eZZi-Lift microcurrent unit is a professional home microcurrent facelift system. The eZZi-Lift provides all of the well-known benefits of microcurrent, as well as the advanced biofeedback technology of the Avazzia BEST (biofeedback electrical stimulation technology) microcurrent devices.

A unique feature of microcurrent facial treatments is that they are one of the few types of facial rejuvenation that actually benefits your entire body. Treatment varieties are available that enable you to stimulate facial acupoints along meridians or help the lymphatic system flush toxins from the body.

Treat Yourself: At-Home Spa Day

By having your own facial rejuvenation program, it is convenient to fit into your daily routine and provides the option to also treat yourself to longer spa-quality sessions. Whenever you have a free moment – drinking your morning coffee, watching TV, or reading – simply turn on the unit and begin rejuvenating your face with microcurrent using the eZZi-Lift. Because the sessions can easily fit into your schedule, you are able to treat yourself frequently to maintain the improvements, which in turn results in less time needed per treatment.

Additionally, at-home facial rejuvenation is extremely cost-effective. After the initial expenditure the savings quickly add up and the purchase ends up being paid for in the money you’ll save from not going to the spa for a facial session.


  • Firm and tone facial muscles for smoother, tighter skin
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Stimulates natural hormone production of collagen and elastin
  • Stimulate facial acupuncture points for a general sense of wellbeing and relaxation
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Can be applied to scar tissue
  • No down time – does not cause redness or puffiness.

Combination Treatments

A microcurrent facial treatment can be supplemented with other products to produce additional benefits. By including light therapy and a special microcurrent nutrient booster you can create a spa-like rejuvenation session. NutrInfusion contains fresh, potent, concentrated nutrients for infusion with microcurrent stimulation. The NutrInfusion powder is added to a conductive gel and applied to the skin, then the area can be treated with microcurrent (instructions come with purchase).

Light Therapy Addition

After the microcurrent treatment, treat your skin to a session with a light therapy device. Light therapy can be administered using a light device or with the LEDs (light emitting diodes) on the eZZi-Lift with LEDs device. Matrix offers several affordable, high-quality light devices; your selection varies depending on the type of treatment you’re looking to achieve. The Equilux LED light device is ideal for stimulating acupoints, and it has the additional features of heat and a strong massage setting. The Matrix SL-50 is a laser (laser emitting diodes) light device, and it provides a wide coverage area and deeper penetration. Both provide all of the benefits of light therapy treatments.

Pressed for time? Select just light or microcurrent for a quick, one-step session.

Recommended Accessories

In addition to a light device and the NutrInfusion powder, there are various microcurrent unit accessories that are highly effective and easy-to-use for facial treatments.

  1. Avazzia E-Pen: ideal one-handed treatment for stimulating acupoints
  2. Fingertip Electrode: combined positive/negative electrode for easy facial treatment
  3. Dual Y-Probe: flexible black carbon probe tips are great for treating jawline
  4. For Professional Use: Matrix Mini roller and Acupoint Probes

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