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Our goal is to spread knowledge and awareness of alternative healthcare options,
with the focus on specific therapy tools and modalities.

Matrix began selling therapy products in 1993 as part of Matrix International Corp, then in 2004, Matrix Therapy Products Corp was established.

Over the years we’ve written several books and countless articles, and this website provides a resource for our customers and colleagues to easily browse the articles we’ve written and continue to produce. We also have articles submitted by our Matrix Certified Best-Vet Instructors. These provide real-life examples of the work people are out doing, primarily using the Best-Vet and other therapies to help horses.

Please feel free to contact us for any special requests or requirements. As a family business we are big on personal service.

About the Matrix Product Line

Matrix Therapy Products offers alternative healthcare options for people and their animals by selling therapy tools. We also offer training and certification programs, plus books and this online resource. Our goal is to Heal, Maintain, & Protect.

Our primary focus is on microcurrent therapy, which is the use of low-level electrical current. However we also carry a wide range of other therapy products, providing customers with a wide selection of products to choose the one right for you! Matrix Therapy Products offers sales and training for speciality therapy products. We focus on therapy tools for horses, however we are seeing more and more people also treating their dogs with our products. We also supply therapy products to medical professionals.

All products found on any of the Matrix websites are safe, effective, and very beneficial in the relief and enhanced healing of a multitude of conditions. The various therapy tools offered can be used singly or in combination. Along with the microcurrent devices, other types of therapies include light therapy (Red/Infrared/Laser), vibration therapy (Whole Body Vibration), iontophoresis, and low-frequency acoustics (Qi Gong massager).

Therapy Products Offered by Matrix

Microamperage (Microcurrent)

Most TENS units fail to have the low frequencies and low current that have proven to increase ATP by up to 500%. Plus, low current = comfortable, safe treatment. We offer a wide selection to offer the features and price to fit your needs. It is well worth the little extra effort required to use this modality. We offer an extensive variety of electrodes to meet the multitude of treatment styles to go with your microcurrent unit. One of the greatest advances in micro current treat is the MCT Patches. The Microcurrent Therapy Patch is a disposable patch that last up to 500 hours. Incredible value costing about 6 cents a treatment.


This is a SAFE way to deliver corticosteriods (known as the most effective drug to date) for serious pain, inflammation, and most importantly degenerative joint disease. The medication is transferred through the skin using low-level electrical current as the means of transfer in a process called phoresing. Medications are put on special pads, which are applied directly to the injured site. This is similar to the transdermal patches for smoking or birth control that use a chemical reaction whereas iontophoresis uses current to make the transfer. The trace amounts of drugs administered in an ionized form do not cause tissue damage or infections as injections can. Your veterinarian will need to prescribe the medications and help you monitor the treatments for best outcome.

Infrasound Therapy

This simple low frequency acoustic massager provides fast pain relief. After less than 10 minutes out of the box, you can be an expert user. Even after the pain is gone, the healing continues with no side effects. With over 10,000 sold in the US. The Qi Gong’s popularity continues to grow because it gets results. Reduce swollen areas quickly and manage chronic and acute pain. You’ll want to share this with the whole family. If new to therapy products, this is the best product to start with.

Light Therapy

Light therapy implements red and infrared light, which is ideal for healing wounds and skin conditions. Enhanced wound healing is it’s most popular use. The Equilux’s protruding center infrared light makes it perfect for working acupressure points.

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