Ashley’s Corner

Stories & Success from using Holistic Equine Therapies

by Ashley Powers, a Microcurrent Therapist

Ashley Powers is a talented dressage rider located at Jewel of the Valley Equine in Oregon City, Oregon. Ashley began riding at the age of nine and showed on the local hunter/jumper circuit for several years. She began teaching lessons in her teen years and soon after accepted her first horse into training. Ashley is a proud former Pony Club member who achieved her C1 rating. She has worked with a large variety of horses in various disciplines and has developed several horses off the track, including her own mount.

By combining classical dressage principles and holistic equine therapeutic treatments, such as microcurrent, laser light therapy, infrared and Qi Gong, Ashley is able to keep her equine athletes performing at their best. Her diverse experiences allow her to bring a wealth of knowledge to the training arena and to approach issues with an eye towards what will best suit both horse and rider.

Ashley’s mounts have both come from unique circumstances and been developed exclusively through her training program. Captain Jack is a 1997 AQHA chestnut gelding by Buzzword and out of Miss Merri Mo. Originally trained to race, CJ came to Jewel of the Valley Equine to begin his second career. Ashley successfully piloted “CJ” through Novice before focusing her attention on dressage. CJ has shown through Second Level and is currently schooling Third.

Phoenix Rising is a 2008 Andalusian mare of unknown breeding. After locating her in a kill pen in Washington, Ashley nursed “Phoenix” back to health in the hopes that she would someday make her debut in the dressage arena. Phoenix, however, has far surpassed any expectations and is currently schooling Third Level movements.

Ashley Powers
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Case Studies

The following are articles written by Ashley on some of her stories in using Thermotex, MicroCurrent and more to help her horses.

Django goes to Bodywork Class!

Django is a thoroughbred gelding that was purchased about a year ago as a rehabilitation project, he has been very untrusting and nervous about being touched or worked with. It was obvious by the severe “S” curve in his body that he was in some sort of accident.

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Case Study: Addressing an Old Leg Injury

I have owned CJ for the better part of 16 years and his right hind has always been his “problem” leg. A few years ago, he got a cut on his right hind that I kept clean and wrapped but also treated with light therapy and microcurrent. Once the wound fully healed, his...

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Hoof Abscesses: Treated with MCT and Soaking Boot

This spring has been the perfect recipe for hoof abscesses due to the excessive rain and mud. I knew as soon as CJ walked in from the pasture, dead lame on his right front when he had been fine earlier, the likely culprit was an abscess. Our farrier was scheduled to...

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