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Author: Ashley Powers

Case Study: Addressing an Old Leg Injury

I have owned CJ for the better part of 16 years and his right hind has always been his “problem” leg. A few years ago, he got a cut on his right hind that I kept clean and wrapped but also treated with light therapy and microcurrent. Once the wound fully healed, his leg swelled up awhile later and he was kept on a course of antibiotics as there was an internal infection going on in the leg. Since then, his hind leg has consistently been thick with a bump of scar tissue on the front of his cannon...

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Hoof Abscesses: Treated with MCT and Soaking Boot

This spring has been the perfect recipe for hoof abscesses due to the excessive rain and mud. I knew as soon as CJ walked in from the pasture, dead lame on his right front when he had been fine earlier, the likely culprit was an abscess. Our farrier was scheduled to come to the barn in a few days and I knew he would be able to confirm or deny this assumption, so I decided to treat him like I would most injuries, with microcurrent therapy (MCT). To treat an abscess with MCT, you can stick an electrode on...

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