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Here at Matrix we are your source for therapy tools! We carry a wide array of therapy tools, making us your one stop for all things Equine Therapy! We carry the Matrix Best-Vet III, MicroPlus, MicroCurrent for Horse Book, Matrix SL-50 Laser, Rainbow Meridian LED/Laser, VibraVM Respiratory Device, SoundWave Massager, Thermotex, Tuning Forks, PEMF Rings, MCT Patches, Iontophoresis, and more!

Matrix Therapy Courses

Whether you are a horse trainer, an equine therapist, or an owner; equestrians of all kinds and the horses in their lives will benefit from the techniques and knowledge gain from these courses! We offer Microcurrent Classes taught by Deborah Powell and BodyWork classes taught by Bambi Dore. Join us for hands on clinics covering Microcurrent as a foundational therapy, complimentary therapies such as Light Therapy, SoundWave therapy, and more! Learn from the best and attend Bambi’s Symmetry = Success BodyWork Course where you learn repeatable steps to help your horse, including a system to evaluate the entire horse and how to address the issues that are found.

Course Dates
May 31 – June 3rd
July 19 – July 22nd

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